WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red

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WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red
WON247-Wonderchef Nutriblend CKM Red


Nutri-blend is known for its power, performance, reliability & great looks. Now Nutri-blend is available with juicer & chopper attachment, making it the Complete Kitchen Machine that offers all-in-one solution. Simple functioning with just a single twist. Get ready to make luscious smoothies, finely ground masalas, tangy chutneys, chopped veggies and so much more in a jiffy.


    • This Complete Kitchen Machine offers an all-in-one solution and performs four functions - those of a mixer, grinder, juicer, and chopper
    • Instead of many separate appliances, you now need only one.
    • The 400W superfast motor blends, grinds, juices and chops in seconds.
    • Motor unit is very steady and safe to use.
    • Non-skid rubber footing stabilizes the base.
    • All parts are detachable & easy to clean.
    • Juicer attachment is a new addition to Nutri-blend with the 3 original jars.
    • It allows you to extract fruit and vegetable juices.
    • You can use the big mixer jar without the juicer attachment as well, to make super blends, mixes, purees, shakes & smoothies.
    • The chopper attachment quickly chops the onion, garlic, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese and much more.
    • It includes a chopper blade, bowl and a lid for the chopper bowl.
    • Care Instructions: Dont run the Nutri-blend for more than 1 minute at a time. Give it a 3-minute break before using again for best performance. For most applications, 20-40 seconds of operation would be enough. Do not use blending blade for dry grinding.

    Tech Specs :

    • Material : Plastic
    • Type : Blender Mixer

    Package Contents :

    • Machine: 1 Unit
    • Big Mixer Jar (750ml): 1 Unit
    • Blending Jar (500ml): 1 Unit
    • Dry-Grinding and Chutney Jar (300ml): 1 Unit
    • Chopper: 1 Unit
    • Cover Lid: 1 Unit
    • Juicer Attachment: 1 Unit
    • Pusher: 1 Unit
    • Wet Blending Blade for Tall Jar & Mixer Jar: 1 Unit
    • Dry Grinding & Chutney Blade for Short Jar: 1 Unit
    • Seasoning Cap: 1 Unit

    Warranty : 2 years

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    Code : WON248

    Barcode : 8904214708757

    Storage & Sprinkler Caps

    Nutri-blend comes with extra cover lid & sprinkler cap for all your storage and seasoning requirements.

    Easy to Clean and Maintain

    Unique jar design with blades at the bottom has 2 distinct advantages. It allows easy access to blades for cleaning and ensures there is zero leakage thus preventing any harm to the motor.

    Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Favorite

    "I use Nutri-blend everyday for my health and fitness." - Sanjeev Kapoor

    Simple Functioning

    Nutri-blend is unique. It has no buttons or switches. Just place, twist & play. You do not need to hold the machine while in use. Enjoy.

    Super Sharp Blades

    The heart of Nutri-blend performance are its super-sharp stainless steel blades which have been engineered to precision for that incredible performance.

    Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Recipe Book

    Look Good! Feel Good guide is customized for a Nutri-blend user and contains exciting recipes of healthy juices, smoothies, chutneys, dips & masalas.

    4 Unbreakable Jars

    Unbreakable poly-carbonate jars allow you to see exactly what's happening inside. Since the ingredients are visible, you can easily control their fineness by simply choosing how long to run the machine for.

    Your Key To Healthy Living

    The Powerful operation at 22,000 RPM extracts micro-nutrients from fruits and veggies, making them easily digestible for your body.